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Cupping or Gua Sha

Bodywork treatments involve manipulation of muscle, tissue, fluids and energy by the practitioners hands and specialized tools. I offer a couple of different forms of hands-on bodywork

Cupping is a treatment that uses suction created in special cups to lift the skin and promote circulation and drainage to the skin, muscle and surrounding tissues. Cupping is used in traditional medicine in many Asian countries and has a long history of usage in China. Cupping leaves marks in the shape of the cups that usually last for 3-5 days. The goal of cupping is to release tension and pain and increase blood and tissue circulation in the area.

Gua Sha is a scraping technique used traditionally in many Asian countries to promote circulation and nourishment to skin, muscles, and other tissues. A blunt edge, often a spoon, a coin, or a piece of stone is rubbed on the skin in repeated strokes until "Sha" or dark marks appear under the surface of the skin.  These marks usually disappear within 2-5 days leaving less tension, pain and stiffness in the area

A bodywork treatment includes Cupping or Gua Sha and lasts 30 minutes. The sliding scale for a bodywork treatment is $30-$50.

An bodywork treatment can be combined with an acupuncture treatment. Learn more about that here

Fire cupping in progress
Fire cupping treatment in progress. Photo by Kristin Cofer

Gua sha treatment in progress
A person receives a Gua Sha treatment.  Photo by Kristin Cofer