Herbal Medicine FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (click to expand)

Q: What is herbal medicine?

A: Chinese herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat common concerns on both a physical and mental/emotional level. Simply put, herbal medicine is different parts of different plants that are combined for their therapeutic properties.

Q: How is herbal medicine used?

A: Herbal medicine has a cumulative effect. That means the effects are often felt over a period of time. How long it takes for each person to feel the effects depends on the severity of their symptoms and how long they've felt the symptoms. With pharmaceuticals, the effects are often more immediate but over time your tolerance can build. Herbal medicine tends to be the opposite - the effects are felt over time and often get stronger over time.

Q: How do I take herbal medicine?

A: We prescribe herbs in a concentrated granule form which means you will receive a powder that you will then add warm water to and drink like a tea. Most formulas are taken this way 2-3 times a day. Your formula will come with specific instructions about the dose and the best way to take the formula.

Q: How long should I take herbal medicine?

A: This depends on you and your particular situation but as a general rule, most formulas are taken for 8-12 weeks with a pause to re-evaluate after that. Some formulas are safe and more effective if taken regularly over a longer period of time, so be sure to ask your practitioner if you have questions about your particular formula.

Some notes about Remote Herbal Consultations and Prescription Delivery:

Thank you for your interest in a remote herbal consultation and prescription delivery! Below, you'll find some additional information about the process and what to expect

  • Book a 15-minute phone or video conference consultation here
    • We'll talk about what you want the formula to focus on and I'll ask you some additional questions to get more information about what will work best for you
    • I'll look at your tongue (on video conference) or ask you to send me a photo of your tongue which will give me some additional information about what formula will work best for you
  • I'll send a follow-up email within 24 hours of our call with the formula you'll be receiving and other information about delivery
  • All formulas will be prepared or packed on a disinfected surface and I will wear gloves and follow best hand-washing practices while handling anything you will come into contact with.
  • All granules that you will ingest are sterile and will arrive to you in a sterile condition.
  • You can either pre-pay for the consultation and prescription, or your card-on-file will be charged at the end of our phone or video consultation
  • Herbal prescription re-fills can be requested by email and will be filled at the discretion of practitioner. Reduced rates not including time for video/phone consultation are available for refills