I offer a sliding scale in order to make my services accessible to folks of more modest income for whom individual, one-on-one Chinese medicine treatment is normally not financially accessible. A sliding scale allows folks to choose the payment option that best suits their income and access to resources.

I do not ask for any form of income verification when choosing a price and only ask that folks keep in mind that choosing a price at the lower end of the scale leaves fewer lower-cost appointments available for everyone else. I am also always open to your questions, concerns, or thoughts on money and pricing.

If you are interested in reading or learning more about sliding scale pricing, Alexis J. Cunningfolk of Worts and Cunning Apothecary has a great blog post and information here


My approach to the body begins with curiosity about your experience in the present and curiosity about everything you've experienced before we begin our work together. Bodies hold our collective and individual histories in many remarkable ways and I am honored to to witness those histories and also hold space for the process of releasing what you no longer need.


I come to the practice of Chinese medicine as a queer person with a hope to support other queer people, as someone with a complex personal and familial experience of mental health, and as someone who questions authority and those in power. I also come to Chinese medicine as a white person with great respect for Chinese medical knowledge and tradition and a desire to honor this tradition in my practice.

I prefer she/her pronouns.

Maura in her office

Maura in her office. Photo by Kristin Cofer